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FreeSpiritSingles is a UNIQUE dating service on this planet!

We are a group that supports The Way To Happiness® (TWTH) and have handed out over 28,000 TWTH booklets world-wide!

Our website is smartphone friendly. We have many features and different search engines not found on other dating services or social media groups, to make it easier and faster to look for people you are most interested in.

One of the unique features on FreeSpiritSingles is a membership that gives you total privacy while promoting and connecting with people, called the Privacy Plus Membership – it’s a great membership for celebrities, executives, etc. If you were on this membership, no one knows you are on the website except for those you wish to communicate with. We’ve had well-known celebrities on FreeSpiritSingles. What?? You didn’t hear about that (nor the press)? That’s because they were on the Privacy Plus Membership.

Another feature is a membership which provides extra exposure and keeps you from getting lost in the listings, for those who would really like to promote themselves and be easily seen by all the members.

We recently put on an instant messaging feature on the website, so you can chat with a member instantly while keeping your phone number private and confidential.

We have many tools to make your search easier, faster and more fun.

Sign up today, and find the guy or girl of your dreams. They could be here ready to connect with you right now!

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