FreeSpiritSingles is a UNIQUE dating service on the planet! We have a lot of different features on the website, to help you pull in your dream.  Here are a few:

The Chat Line:  We have recently programmed an instant messaging feature, where you can communicate instantly with a member while keeping your phone number private and confidential.

The Romance Wizard:  It lists members who show interest in you, people you may have overlooked in the member listings.

Special Favorites:  This lists those members who have selected you as a favorite of theirs.

Spotlight Feature:  You can “spotlight” yourself to a member with this feature, so that the member you choose will see you at the TOP of their search listings!

Activity Match:  You can find those members who share the same indoor or outdoor activities as you.

Handling Unreplied Messages:  This feature helps get your communication replied to, so you don’t stick your flows waiting for people to respond to your communication.

Artist/Creative Gallery:  With this feature, you can show off your creative skills or areas of interest that you have.

We have many other features that can help you pull in your dream – sign up and try them out! Warmly, Staff at FreeSpiritSingles  

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