Dating Success

Below are a few successes that we have received:

My husband and I started to correspond by emails after having met each other on FreeSpiritSingles. I was registered there for a while before, but no one really caught my eye or caused excitement. From the first email from him, I felt I have a quality communication line and really enjoyed our correspondence, as he was very well articulated and expressed himself in a fascinating and intelligent manner. I didn’t hold my breath about having a real relationship from this communication line, as I was still in Israel planning at some point to come to Florida, and he was in California. The time passed by – we corresponded and chatted on Skype for almost 9 months without loosing interest, but quite the opposite – our interest and affinity to each other grew higher, as we kept talking and getting each other’s realities. I felt I found a friend on the other side of the planet without ever meeting him! In October same year I came to the States, but we could not meet immediately due to our job locations – mine in the Midwest, and his on the East Coast. Only in February 2010 we met in person first time in Florida and hit it off immediately…a month later we moved in together…and in April we found ourselves married!!! Too fast?? The time to my mind was just right – I think I hit the jackpot and I couldn’t ask for a better husband!!! The more I spend time with him, the more I fall for him and think that our relationship is exactly what I wanted for years…

I wish everyone on FSS to find his perfect match like I did and would like to thank FSS for amazing and vital job they are doing!!




 Thanks for the service!


I used your site and found a great husband, we’ve been married almost 4 years now and have 2 very beautiful girls!

I believe is the ideal site to find a suitable partner.

Both my wife and me have experienced that one gets exactly what he decides, as long as he knows what he wants and knows what to decide.

As for us, we consider ourselves two of the most fortunate people on this planet. has given us the means to find each other, to get in comm and set up our first date.

After that it became more beautiful than we ever dared to dream.  But that is just figuratively speaking of course, because fortunately we both dreamed big.

Thank you very much


I’ve found the girl of my dream.   Thank you, thank you very very much!!


I married the guy I met on free spirits and we lived happily ever after :)


We are long overdue on giving you our success.  We met on FreeSpiritSingles and we were married last June. We have been very happy in all our days together since we met.  We had a nice long courtship, 4 years to be exact.  We planned our wedding on the 4th anniversary of having first met.  We want to thank you for all your hard work in keeping this site a reality, without it we may have never met.


I met my dream on your website. We’ve been together ever since and have been married for over a year!  She is the love of my life, we’re extremely happy and I wanted to thank you for providing this service. Without you, we’d have never met!


Since almost 2 months I’m in love with a kind and cool guy :)


I want to thank you for your site, and please be be double thanked as it had it’s part in He finding Me :)

He is from Hungary just like me, and he contacted me through a local community website, but he saw me first on FreeSpiritSingles!

And this was exactly what I wanted: to find a Hungarian mate and still through your website :)

So, thanks for everything and I wish u success with the site!


 Dear FreeSpiritSingles Team,

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful site :-)

Some time ago I made a decision as to how my ideal relationship would have to be like . . . well, it seemed to be an impossible list of “qualifications”, but I believed in the power of making decisions!

So I started to find all the necessary comm lines to put myself onto. And I found your site! And lo and behold, after only a few months on it I found that very special being :-)

We emailed, we talked and then we met . . . and somehow from the first moment it was clear that we’ve been waiting or rather looking for each other for quite a while. She made an almost identical list of “qualifications” and now we are already into a detailed planning of our future . . .

So thank you VERY much for creating this beautiful site and this safe space where we can actually communicate with the necessary Reality that makes it ultimately possible to find the right partner!

Keep up the good work :-)


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