About Our Dating Service

FreeSpiritSingles is the most UNIQUE dating service on the planet!

As a member you know you are meeting members who have a strong desire to help themselves and the society around them, and improve in a spiritual and ethical way.

While you are dating members found here, you can also help us distribute TWTH booklets in your community.  Much of TWTH booklet pertains directly with relationships.  If you haven’t read the booklet, feel free to pick one up on the Internet or at your favorite bookstore.

We have a lot of different features on the website, to help you pull in your dream.  Here are a few:

The Romance Wizard:  It lists members who show interest in you, people you may have overlooked in the member listings.

Special Favorites:  This lists those members who have selected you as a favorite of theirs.

Spotlight Feature:  You can “spotlight” yourself to a member with this feature, so that the member you choose will see you at the TOP of their search listings!

Activity Match:  You can find those members who share the same indoor or outdoor activities as you.

Handling Unreplied Messages:  This feature helps get your communication replied to, so you don’t stick your flows waiting for people to respond to your communication.

Artist/Creative Gallery:  With this feature, you can show off your creative skills or areas of interest that you have.

We have many other features that can help you pull in your dream – sign up and try them out!


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