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Why sign up on FreeSpiritSingles?

FreeSpiritSingles is the most UNIQUE dating service on the planet!!

How do you sign up?

Go to our HOME page – – and click on either “Free Sign-Up” button – and you can begin creating your own profile.

Does it cost to sign up?

No, it’s free!

How do you view all the members?

Simply sign up and create a free profile – and as a member, you may view ALL of the profiles.

Why sign up on an Internet dating service?

– Everyone is single and looking!

– More people are married on Internet dating services, than any other way of meeting people.

– You have the opportunity to meet special people who have similar goals, purposes and interests as yours.

– It’s a great way to promote that will help you pull in the man or woman of your dreams.- It’s easy and convenient.  Are you busy?  You can browse our membership listings whenever you want.- It’s so much easier connecting up with people.

– You get a chance to meet people outside your usual circle of friends and family.

– You can, on a gradient, get to know those you have interest in.



If you are on other dating services why sign up here?

We encourage members to be on other dating services, as well as on ours.   With FreeSpiritSingles, you can sign up for free.  The more you outflow and promote, the better chance you have of finding your dream guy or girl!

Will your personal email address remain private?

Yes, your personal email address remains private and confidential.  We have a unique website program that allows members to email you to your personal email account while your email address remains hidden from them.  You can give out your email address to a member only when you wish to do so.

What if you live in a small town, and there are no members listed in your area?

That is the advantage of Internet dating – you can meet people you would not ordinarily meet or get to know – all through the ease of your computer!

Once you sign up, do you wait for people to email you?

No, it is appropriate etiquette on the Internet for both men and women to initiate communication and emails.

Can you go in and change your profile whenever you want?

Yes, with your own personalized UserName and Password, you have access to go in and change your profile whenever you want!