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FreeSpiritSingles is a UNIQUE dating service on this planet!   As a member, you know you are meeting others who have a strong desire to help themselves and the society around them, and improve in a spiritual and ethical way.

We have many features on the website that are not found on other dating services.  One of these special features is a membership that gives you total privacy while connecting with people, called the Privacy Plus Membership – it’s a great membership for celebrities, executives, etc.  Another feature is a membership which provides much more exposure – for those who would really like to promote themselves and be easily seen by all the members.

FreeSpiritSingles is an expressive association.  The term “Expressive Association” means a group that expresses what kind of an association they are and what they share – in terms of beliefs, goals, etc.  Membership may be limited to only those who share in those beliefs, goals, religion, etc.  For membership information, click on either of the “Free Sign-Up” buttons above. 

FreeSpiritSingles and its members support and help in handing out The Way To Happiness® booklets into society, thus helping to create a much saner world to live in.

Find your dream guy or girl, while at the same time, helping to make a real change for the better on this planet!

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